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About Suparossa Woodridge

Woodridge Pizza And so the story goes ...


"From Altavilla Milicia, Italy to Chicago, Illinois ... Hours by plane, a century away in tradition, and what seems to be a lifetime ago for Giuseppina & Biagio, and family.


The journey, "from the rosy life in the family home" and food store in Italy, to the four restaurants was a road filled with hope, hard work and a determination to make a good life and good friends here in Chicago.


Giuseppina and Biagio were happy in Altavilla Milicia, Italy until, over the years, one by one, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles left Altavilla for "a better way in America". Left alone with their children, but without the warmth of a large and close family circle, life was not complete. With eyes cast backward, but with their hearts looking forward, on to Chicago went Biagio, Giuseppina and their children.


Six years later Biagio returned to Altavilla Milicia, Italy, not to live, but to sell the family home and business in sunny Italy, and to invest six years of savings, together with all that their roots were worth, into a life in Chicago. Biagio had held a family council which included Giuseppina, and the grown children, Tom, Rose and Salvatore. Carmelina was too young to vote. The decision was, YES, let's establish ourselves and generations to come, in America.


Biagio had spent his six years in Chicago working in the restaurant business to learn how to blend Italian food know-how with the American way. His hard work won restaurant lore and Giuseppina's golden fork recipes, blended with the persistence of Tom, Rosa, Salvatore and Carmelina was the key to the establishment of a warm and successful Italian 'kitchen for friends' on Chicago's north side. Dinner and a Movie Woodridge


The restaurants have grown to four, a banquet hall that reflects the beauty of the families ancestry is flourishing and the Suparossa Restaurant Group is stronger than ever.


Through excellent food, outstanding service, community involvement, fundraisers, corporate events, retail enterprise and an aggressive path towards growth - Giuseppina and Biagio's dream will surely sustain for many, many years to come.


As one of the first restaurants in the vicinity, Suparossa Woodridge is nestled in the North corner of the CINEMARK™  Seven Bridges Area. Just South of The Bulls Sox Academy, Seven Bridges Golf Club, and North of Seven Bridges Ice Arena. If you are going to the movies, have a family event, or just grabbing a bite to eat with some friends, we welcome you to Suparossa Woodridge"

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